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Providing Everything You Need

Synthetic Turf

Synthetic turf is an amazing substitute for those that love a green look without the maintenance of sod or seed. This product also is great for high traffic areas where pets or kids play, and you just can't keep the grass alive. Also let's not forget about the putting greens. 


We offer a variety of mulching options including but not limited to, Top Dressing pre existing beds, all the way to Installing new mulched areas. Mulch is an amazing substitute for rock beds. Mulch is great for around plants due to the fact that it doesnt hold heat and in return holds moisture to keep plants alive and healthy.



Rock is an amazing feature that provides a nice low maintenance aesthetic look. It is not DnD Landscape's first option if it withholds plants or shrubs, due to rock holds heat. Though certain plantings and shrubs thrive really well in rock beds.

Block Edging

Whether it's your planter bed or its the drip line around your house, DnD offers a variety of options when it comes to edging. We have an array of products. This Product style is a paver edging block style.

alum edging.jpg

Plastic/Aluminum Edging

This style of edging provides a Basic yet very aesthetic look to your yard, creating a fine separation from landscape to your yard.

Boulder Edging

This style of edging is great for those that want to keep a natural style in their yard. This will create a separation from landscape to yard while keeping a nice natural look to it.

boulder edging.jpg
planter bed.jpg

Planter Beds

At DnD we can create many varieties of planter beds. The style depends on you, If you want to dream of a design, we can create it. If you want us to help create a design that is always an option as well. Options vary from edging, mulch/rock, to what plantings you desire for your property.

Block Retaining Walls

Whether you want a flatter yard, or a raised planter bed, This option is always an option. There are many things you can do to customize and make your own. 

block retaining walls.jpg
boulder retaining wall.jpg

Boulder Walls

Similar to the block walls, boulders can be used to create a flatter yard, or creating raised planter beds. Unlike block this form creates a more natural nonsymmetrical look to your property.

Landscape Stairs

There are a variety of steps one can use to make a yard easier to access. There are big blocks that are 16"x16" all the way up to grand steps in a variety of colors, as well as sawn boulders.



From walkways to patios all the way to driveways. We offer a variety of paver styles and colors to accommodate your dreams. 


Flagstone is the natural look if you want a patio or walkway done. It offers a unique layout and comes in a range of colors to match any dreams and styles you already have for your property. With flagstone you can adhere the seams or you can lay in the yard as steppers and allow grass to grow in between them. There are many ways to lay this product.


Grading, Seeding , Sod

Every yard needs to experience the best of the best when it comes to a annual look. Noone wants to have a yard that resembles the desert. We will take that old yard and turn it into a soft vibrant green yard that will have your neighbors wanting to roll around in it.


We offer a variety of styles of firepits from kits to boulder inlays. If you're looking for a permanent firepit we have you covered. Keep in mind we can always create the pad for any above ground pits as well.

fire pit.jpg
outdoor kitchen.jpg

Outdoor Kitchens

Let us help you bring your family outdoors. Noone wants to sit inside the house when its sunny and 75 outside. You can customize your backyard to accommodate any gatherings you wish.

Spring/Fall Clean-ups

Don't let fallen leaves and debris kill out your grass. Doing spring/fall clean-ups increases the health of your lawn. Allowing it the best chance to survive another year of being green and luscious.

fall clean up.jpg

Snow Plowing

Don't get stuck this winter. We don't want you to have to worry about how much snow we are going to get or when we are going to get it. We all know that the last thing you want to do after getting up and ready for work is to take care of the snow on the driveway. Let us take care of it for you.

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